Japanese for Travelers and Host Families


If you plan or want to travel to Japan in the future, this class is just the one you are looking for. This class will offer you an opportunity to learn Katakanah characters (Japanese alphabet) which are often easily spotted in Japan by foreigners, and basic Japanese spoken sentences that help you survive in Japan. If you plan to host Japanese people at your home, this class will also teach you some useful expressions such as "welcome" and "please make yourself at home, etc. We are sure that the Japanese people you are hosting will be very impressed and they will develop very warm feelings toward you.

This workshop will last 2 hours and will cost $25 per person ($20 for a JASWY member). This class will be held any day throughout the year in Laramie when six or more individuals aged 16 or over sign up. The time for class will be either Saturday or at night on a weekday, with the exact time and date to be set for the convenience of all who have signed up.

For those living in other cities, please sign up anyway. When we have 10 or more people signed up, we will consider offering this class in your city so that you do not have to come to Laramie.

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