Ongoing Events

Japanese Conversation Club (JCC)

This clubís main purpose is to provide an opportunity to converse in Japanese with other people of all language skill levels. Attendees are not required to be proficient in the Japanese language, but should be willing to try their Japanese among people who are willing to help. Also, if you are Japanese and living in the community silently, the J.C.C. offers a chance to speak in Japanese among friends.

This club provides you with an excellent opportunity to meet Japanese and Americans alike who want to speak Japanese and are interested in sharing Japanese culture, experiences in Japan and networking. Why donít you join us to make some new friends?

Every month a Saturday from 4 pm to 5:30 pm we meet in the basement of the Hunter Hall building, St. Matthew's Cathedral, 104 S. 4th Street, Laramie, in a relaxed and informal setting. The exact date for the meeting is posted on the Home page. The Hunter Hall building (not the main church) is a three-story building located at the corner of 4th and University.

You must be over 18 years old. If no one shows up by 4:15 pm, the meeting will be cancelled.

Ikebana: Japanese Flower Arranging

Beginner and intermediate students are invited to practice the basic forms of the Ohara School of Ikebana. These forms show off the natural beauty of flowers, the delicate lines of branches and emphasize the use of space to create balanced arrangements. Instructor Tawnya Plumb has studied the art of Ikebana in Japan and is certified in the Ohara School. Email Tawnya to learn of upcoming classes and locations.

Shogi Club (Japanese Chess Club)

People in Japan, young and old, enjoy playing shogi (pronounced shoh-gi) immensely. Shogi is similar to chess, but 100 times more fun because a player can place a captured piece on the board against his opponent.

The origin of shogi is unclear, but people in Japan have been playing it more than 900 years. Today there are professional shogi players in Japan. There are also enthusiastic players in many other countries.

Why donít you join this club and make a new friend?

We provide the game and teach you how to play shogi.

We meet once a month at Hunter Hall, 104 S. 4th Street, in Laramie, and play for 2 hours.

The time for the class will be either Saturday or at night on a weekday, with the exact time and date to be set for the convenience of all who have signed up.

This club will be located in Laramie at first. However, if it is successful we will create shogi clubs in other cities in the future.

Requirements: You must be a member of JASWY and more than 13 years old.

We will start this club in September. Because space is limited, please sign up now.

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To learn the rules and history of shogi, please visit