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The Japan-America Society of Wyoming, Inc. (JASWY) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to promote understanding and friendship between the people of Wyoming and Japan through cultural, social, educational and professional interaction.
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Japan-related events in Wyoming

 Children's day celebration

 When: 2:00 to 3:30PM, May 4(Sat), 2019

 Location: Albany County Public Library. 310 S 8th St, Laramie, WY 82070

 Content: Japanese folk tale, songs, dancing, crafts, foods and more

 Admission: free

 For more information, visit our press release page or Facebook page at the bottom of this home page.



I Love You Japan ~For 3.11 From U.S.A.

Today (3-11-2018) is the eightth anniversary of the March 11 megaquake-tsunami calamity that struck Tohoku in Japan in 2011.

Japanese people living in the United States made a song exactly a year ago to pray for swift recovery of Japan by arranging Inawashiroko’s “I Love You & I Need You, Fukushima.EPlease listen to it from the link below.



A Kinkaku-ji Visit by Tawnya Plumb

Many may recognize this photo as Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto. Otherwise known as the Golden Pavillion, vistors worldwide pay a vist and take a photo to try to capture its beauty. I was awed by the temple, pond, gardens, and vastness of greenery. But it was the memories of the people I met at Kinkakuji that remains with me today. I visited in the spring, along with what felt like all the Japanese high school students on Honshu. As an assistant English teacher in a Japanese high school, I gravitated toward the students. Much to my pleasure, the students used this experience to practice their English with me. In fact, many students had an English assignment to interview native English speakers. I had a much longer visit than I had expected! To see their enthusiasm for English was wonderful. On the Kinkakuji grounds, tea ceremony was being held. One female student encouraged me to join in the ceremony and did a fine job explaining the ceremony to me in English. This, among my many memories of Japan, reminds me of the kindness and hospitality of those I met. For a more historic perspective of Kinkakuji, please visit http://www.shokoku-ji.or.jp/english/e_kinkakuji/index.html.

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